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Arte Tracks

Several Episodes
written and directed by Lillian Rosa and Julian Neville

No. 1: "Sans Frontières" - A special about identity, borders and belonging

How do you handle it when you fear deportation from the place you call home?

Some make art out of it. Meet acclaimed digital artist and designer Rannel Ngumuya, who immigrated to the US as a kid and only found out at age 18 that he didn´t have papers.
Our portrait of him is part of the arte Tracks special “Sans Frontieres”: about borders between countries and in our head, about identity, belonging and grotesque political circumstances.
It aired on Friday, Mar 13, 2020 on Arte and is available via the Tracks Youtube channel:



We had inspiring shooting days with Rannel and fell in love with those surrealistic celeb portraits of his.


While many Dreamers try to cover their status Rannel Ngumuya reflects on it through his artworks.

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