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Neu am See e.V.

The cultural non-profit association Neu am See e.V. is an initiative from craftsmen and architects, artists and scientists, employees and entrepeneurs, friends and families. Their vision is to create an environmentally sustainable place for interdisciplinary exchange in the areas of culture, education, nature conversation and toleranca. Since 2014, Neu am See e.V. has a club facility of 6 hectare at a lake in Brandenburg.

It is a future laboratory and manifold working and recovery place, there are meetings, workshops, rehearsals, further trainings, international groups aswell an artist in residence program, environmental education, sailing courses for kids, public art actions with huge international media response and diverse government-funded cultural projects.

Lillian Rosa is a funding member of Neu am See and was the vice chairwomen in its first years from 2013-2016.


Website Neu am See e.V. (german)

Project portfolio Neu am See e.V. (PDF, german)


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