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About the impact of art
and the art of impact:
Social Impact Documentaries

scientific-artistic PhD at Filmuniversität Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF by Lillian Rosa

The aim of the PhD project is to conduct scientific and artistic research into the question of what characterizes social impact documentaries and what opportunities and risks they entail for documentary film production in Germany.
For social impact documentaries (SIDs), documentaries that explicitly aim to bring about "positive social change", there are far-reaching ecosystems for production, financing and distribution in parts of the world. Ethical issues run through all areas, but often independent, culturally and artistically valuable films are created. Germany lacks the new alliances for SIDs that are being forged in other countries.
Based on existing academic studies, self-reporting by SID institutions and expert interviews, the scientific work explores the forms and strategies of SIDs in the USA, the UK and Germany. What typical production conditions, campaigns and effects can be identified in comparison and can conclusions be drawn as to how the genre could be further developed in Germany?
Interviews with industry experts for basic research in Germany will be incorporated into the academic and artistic work.
The artistic part consists of an experimental, enlightening, critical and constructive social impact documentary about SIDs, which is created in an open, recursive process and aims at experimentally gained experiential knowledge.

"For years, I have been fascinated by the global development of SIDs and their comparative non-existence in Germany. I wonder whether it would be possible and sensible to establish a corresponding institution for SIDs in Germany. To this end, I would like to deal with SIDs, their opportunities and risks as comprehensively and robustly as possible." (Lillian Rosa)

PhD Supervisors:
Prof. Dr. Jens Eder, Prof. Gesa Marten

Project Webside at Filmuniversität Babelberg KONRAD WOLF

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